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Ingenic IC T01 motherboard introduction



• Professional video analysis AI coprocessor

• High performance face/head and shoulders/humanoid composite detection

• Mature AI application solutions such as intrusion alarm/passenger flow statistics/face capture/face recognition

• Very low operating power consumption

Chip block diagram


Chip specifications


XBurst®-1 core 600MHZ/1GHZ

– XBurst® RISC instruction set

– XBurst® SIMD128 instruction set

– XBurst® FPU instruction set supporting both single and double floating point format which are IEEE754 compatible

– XBurst® 9-stage pipeline micro-architecture, the operating frequency is 800MHz


Integrated DDR

Spirit engine

More than 10 people realtime multi-detection.

Max input resolution 2048x2048 @60fps.

Video input/output

Video input

– DVP Input data format: YUV422, RGB565, RGB555, RAW8, RAW10, RAW12.

– BT656/BT1120

– MIPI CSI2 IN (Ingenic Host Soc Only)

Video output

– MIPI CSI2 OUT (Ingenic Host Soc Only)

Result output

Synchronous serial slave interfaces (SSI_SLV)

– 3 protocols support: Motorola’s SPI, TI’s SSP and National’s Microwire

– Full-duplex, transmit-only or receive-only operation for Motorola’s SPI and TI’s SSP

– Half-duplex, transmit-only or receive-only operation for National’s Microwire

USB 2.0 interface

– Complies with the USB 2.0 standard for high-speed (480 Mbps) functions and with the On-The-Go supplement to the USB 2.0 specification

– Operates either as the function controller of a high- /full-speed USB peripheral or as the host/peripheral in point-to-point or multi-point communications with other USB functions

– 16 Endpoints:

– Dedicate FIFO

– Supports control, interrupt, ISO and bulk transfer

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