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Ingenic AI technology is used to measure human body temperature


Today we introduces a human body thermometer using Ingenic AI technology. With the rework tide of most enterprises, the new coronavirus is being seriously prepared all over the country. All enterprises are actively preparing masks, thermometer and other anti-epidemic materials.

This human body thermometer integrates a number of core technologies such as thermal imaging, temperature measurement, intelligent face detection, etc. It has the outstanding "panda" appearance and good texture, and can realize visual temperature warning, providing the first guarantee for the safety of employees. In terms of appearance, junzheng AI technology human body thermometer adopts a simple but elegant "panda" appearance, equipped with dual cameras. In terms of functions, Ingenic AI technology human body temperature measuring instrument USES thermal imaging to measure temperature of human body with high precision, accuracy ≤0.3℃, built-in automatic temperature measurement correction; Real-time temperature measurement, multi-target synchronous automatic measurement, response time within 30 milliseconds.

In terms of epidemic prevention and control, this human body thermometer can realize non-inductive rapid temperature measurement within 10 meters, and supports intelligent overtemperature alarm, positioning, and sound-light alarm. The application scenario is suitable for airports, stations, wharves, schools, hospitals, scenic spots, enterprises and other crowded places, to help users quickly screen and track those with abnormal temperature.

The instrument also USES junzheng's AI technology, has a built-in Beijing junzheng T02 chip, has an autonomous temperature conversion algorithm, and supports a variety of practical functions such as two-channel alarm input, output and real-time face tracking.

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