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Ingeinic's independent innovation is "core"


Today, the editor of Ingenics agents introduces the historical achievements of Beijing Ingenics. Ingenic, one of the few domestic companies with independent innovative CPU core technology. Following the establishment of the headquarters in Beijing and the branch in Shenzhen, Ingenic established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Hefei in 2014.

In the past few years, Hefei has given back to Ingenic for her choice with its unique scientific and technological talent resources and its dedication to independent innovation and research and development enterprises.

As one of the fastest-growing cities in the domestic integrated circuit industry, Hefei constantly improves the layout of the industrial chain around chip design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, equipment and materials. In such a strong ecological atmosphere, the development of enterprises is like fish in water.

Concentration is bound to accomplish many achievements. Hefei Junzheng has industry-leading embedded CPU technology and low-power technology, and has formed a number of independent embedded CPU technology, multimedia technology, image processing technology, low-power SoC chip design, machine vision and artificial intelligence technology. Core technology, has developed nearly 10 video surveillance chips and AI vision chips. The overall performance of the chip has reached the international advanced level of similar products, and even reached the international leading level in terms of low power consumption indicators.


In addition to strong technical accumulation, Hefei Junzheng has a forward-looking vision to lay out the long-term development of the enterprise, and implements the innovation and application of artificial intelligence technology in the video field.


The tide of artificial intelligence is coming, and the market dividends are developed in both smart video and smart voice. The integration of video chips and AI has an opportunity. The birth of Ingenics machine vision chips and continuous iterative upgrades are driving industrial changes with technological innovation. 

With innovative genes and core technologies, exciting prospects for industrialization will follow. From the first chip launch in 2015 to 2019, the annual chip shipments have exceeded 10 million. Ingenics video chips have been recognized by well-known manufacturers such as 360, Xiaomi, and Hikvision, and their market share ranks in the IPC field. The world's top three. Incumbent is not satisfied with this, and is continuing to increase its horsepower to develop the most localized AI processor chip.

According to the person in charge of Ingenics Intelligent Video Division, the new generation of chips is ready to be launched, and a considerable scale of landing products is also worth looking forward to. Speaking of the secret of the company's rapid development, he thinks the most important word is still: hard work. 

I have to sigh, excellent companies have their own excellence. At present, Ingenic is constructing the second phase of the R&D base in Hefei, which will become one of the leading independent CPU and artificial intelligence technology innovation bases in China after reaching production capacity to achieve the innovation and implementation of major technologies such as low-power CPU and AI processor chips.

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