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How to deal with the black and white dots on the diffusion film in the led backlight, how to reduce foreign matter, and the detailed production process of the backlight module


After the backlight diffusion film is delivered, we need to check it. How to deal with the black and white dots on the diffusion film in the led backlight board during the inspection process? How to reduce foreign bodies? And the detailed production process of the backlight module.

The first step is to determine whether it is black and white dots caused by poor raw materials or operating reasons.

In the second step, if the raw materials are bad, look at whether they appear randomly or regularly in a package, and keep good samples to help the material manufacturer to judge and improve.


If the operation is not good, you can consider foreign objects in the environment, parts debris, etc., and analyze the specific conditions.

One way to reduce foreign matter is to have and maintain the cleanliness of the production line, such as 1000 class or 5000 class, depending on the product situation. Regularly check the cleanliness and quietness. Furthermore, maintain the temperature and humidity of the production line. If the humidity is too low, static electricity will appear and foreign objects will be easily adsorbed. Of course, the ion fan on the console should also be turned on to the appropriate gear. In addition, it is necessary to do a good job from feeding to assembly, transmission, packaging, and transportation in order to maintain the quality of the shipment to the customer.


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