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How can storage module manufacturers seize the opportunity of the 3.0 era?


With the rapid development of technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and 5G, the market has increasingly higher demand for the storage market. However, due to the high technical threshold, large investment scale, long construction period, and concentration of resources in the storage industry, there is still a gap between my country's storage industry and foreign countries. In recent years, my country's semiconductor industry has been catching up and developing vigorously. How should China's "chips" seize the opportunity?

In the 1.0 era of memory chip module manufacturers, they are making some low-end products, including Micro SD cards and U disks. In the 2.0 era, companies have a certain degree of visibility in the industry, but due to insufficient R&D investment and innovation capabilities, product homogeneity is serious, and they cannot meet the requirements and customization needs of first-line major customers, and development encounters bottlenecks. The future is the 3.0 era of memory chip module manufacturers.


Module manufacturers in the 3.0 era have a long-term strategic vision, a strategic layout for the future of the storage industry, comprehensive technical development capabilities, from chip hardware to software and firmware development, extension to system-level development and the transformation of the entire equipment automation production line Ability to use industrial Internet technology to build a digital factory, provide customers with efficient and reliable customized storage solutions, and participate in the formulation of industry standards.

The storage market is very promising in the future. Benefiting from the rapid development of 5G, servers, data centers, smart cars and other markets, global storage demand is rising rapidly, and Metaverse has injected a boost into the storage industry. In the future, we will shuttle between the virtual world and the real world, which puts forward higher requirements on storage performance and capacity.

Chinese memory chip module manufacturers have a natural advantage: they are closest to the market. It is foreseeable that Chinese manufacturers will usher in historic opportunities and strong growth in the future.

Regarding the future development of storage module manufacturers, he described the following essential elements. First, have system-level development capabilities; second, establish strategic partnerships in the industrial chain to achieve a win-win situation; third, plan and define products in advance to reduce waste of resources; fourth, vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing, with a view to Meet customer requirements. Fifth, it is necessary to participate in the customization of industry standards.

WeIC storage brand targets industrial computers, HPC, servers, medical equipment, edge computing terminals, security, communication base stations, flagship smartphones and other professional fields, covering a variety of application scenarios from consumer to enterprise. Products also cover embedded memory chips, SSDs, memory modules, etc., mainly to provide professional customized storage solutions for industry customers.

Shichuang will focus on high-end storage in the future and will not fight in the low-end market. Compared with revenue growth, current creatives pay more attention to the promotion of brand value and influence.

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