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High Performance QspiNAND Flash


The brand new W25N/W72N series products are produced by Winbond's own 46nm SLC NAND manufacturing technology. Compared with MLC (multi-level cell) and TCL (triple-level cell), SLC (single-level cell) NAND is a process technology with better reliability.

Winbond's new high-performance QspiNAND compared to other existing NAND on the market, it has increased the data transfer rate by nearly four times in one fell swoop, reaching a spectrum of 83MB/s. Therefore, it helps to shorten the boot time.


Based on 83MB/s, this series of products can also use dual-quad I/O transmission interface to achieve higher capacity and faster reading speed (166MB/s). With the single quad and dual-quad interfaces, users can flexibly choose the desired product combination according to their needs. Finally, this series of products provides hardware reset pins, which is a very convenient and intimate design for automotive system developers.


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