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For COVID-19 Coronavirus, How Well Do Infrared Forehead Thermometer Guns Even Work?


Are you hot?

That’s essentially what those non-contact infrared thermometer and other similar infrared body temperature measuring devices are trying to determine. You may have noticed increased use of such devices at airports and other checkpoints with the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. The purpose of these devices is to measure your body temperature from a bit of a distance, when sticking a thermometer in everyone’s mouths or rear ends would be impractical, inappropriate, and potentially a bit disgusting.

The trouble is these thermal detection devices can be a bit like online dating. You can’t always believe what you are seeing or know what you are getting. It’s not clear how well these devices have been tested for accuracy. Even if these devices have been tested in laboratories, the real world can be a lot more chaotic and variable. The accuracy of the devices may depend heavily on how they are used such as how far the device is from you, where exactly the device is pointed, and how long and steadily it is held until the reading registers. Heck, if Pop Tart boxes include instructions that have to say, “Remove pastry from pouch,” (as comedian Brian Regan has pointed out), you can imagine how many people might not use a digital infrared thermometer or other thermal reading devices correctly.

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