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Domestic NOR FLASH W25Q32JVSSIQ can replace Zhaoyi GD25Q32CSJGR used in smart door locks


The rise of smart door locks is the inevitable result of innovation in the door lock industry. With the development of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, the world of intelligent networking is bound to come. Compared with mechanical locks, smart door locks are more in line with the needs of the future intelligent networking society. With the imminent breakthrough of 5G and the approach of the Internet of Things era, all walks of life are seeking intelligent transformation, and door locks are no exception. Smart door locks have gradually become the focus of public attention. Smart door locks refer to door locks that can be unlocked through technical methods such as passwords, fingerprints, face, and proximity card recognition, which can free users from the shackles of keys and realize the intelligent and convenient door locks. In the design of smart door locks, additional flash is often needed to store security data, configuration information, etc. In the early days, for various reasons, engineers generally choose foreign or Taiwanese brands, such as  WINBOND’s W25Q32JVSSIQ, which can replace Zhaoyi GD25Q32CSJGR.

20201225_093133.jpgFrom the above table, we can see that GD25Q32CSJGR and W25Q32JVSSIQ are basically the same in terms of electrical specifications, capacity, packaging, functions, performance and other indicators;

20201225_093150.jpgAs in the above two pictures, the pin definitions of the two are exactly the same.


In summary, W25Q32JVSSIQ can completely replace GD25Q32CSJGR and used in smart door locks.

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