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Display principle of liquid crystal panel(LCD panel)


As we all know, a liquid crystal display(LCD), mostly by the drive board, power supply board, high pressure board and liquid crystal panel composition. The drive board is like a person's "brain", which controls the expression of language and behavior. Its function is to accept and process the external image signal, and output the drive signal, in order to control the normal operation of the LCD panel.

The principle of liquid crystal display: an electric field is applied to the liquid crystal to change the refraction phenomenon of the liquid crystal, and with a polarizer to determine the path of light, and then produce a colorful image.


The liquid crystal panel is composed of liquid crystal, polarizer, filter and glass substrate. In the absence of an applied electric field, liquid crystal molecules behave irregularly. But if the liquid crystal molecules are subjected to an applied electric field, they are forced to behave in a regular manner, rather than in a random manner. The image is displayed by the light that is absorbed into the liquid crystal layer through the polarizer and is refracted.

The main role of the drive plate is to control the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules through changing electrical signals, and then affect the refraction route of light, so as to present different pictures.

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