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Detection Method Of LED TV Diffuser Plate


1. Illuminance meter, 

this kind of instrument is cheap, convenient and portable, but due to the interference of natural light from the outside, the measured value will generally be higher. This kind of instrument is only suitable for reference, it is suitable for comparison, and cannot be used as an accurate instrument.


2. Light transmittance and haze tester: 

This kind of instrument is less affected by the outside world during the test, so the test result is lower and more accurate than the illuminance meter. Generally, diffuser plate manufacturers use this type of instrument to test the light transmittance and haze of their products


3. Integrating sphere: 

The light transmittance of the integrating sphere test diffuser is very accurate, and it is hardly interfered by the external environment. Therefore, the data obtained by testing with the same plate is lower than the above two types. Because the instrument is more expensive, there is only a large one. Lighting companies use this equipment to detect light transmittance. (Note: Factors such as the size of the integrating sphere, its placement, the distance from the probe, and the angle between the probe and the light source will affect the test results).


4. Light intensity distribution

Light intensity distribution is an indicator tool for whether a lamp has commercial value, because only it is the one-to-one optical complete test of all lamps. The other above tools, some It is only the measurement of light molecules or the definition measurement of a material. When the material is added to the lamp, whether it meets the regulations of the International Lighting Association, it can only be used to measure.

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