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Can forehead temperature gun measure temperature to the wrist?


Our bayonet forehead temperature gun measured the temperature is often unstable, always uncertain how to do?

Infrared forehead thermometer is a non-contact thermometer, is the use of object thermal radiation and object temperature relationship to measure the temperature, need to master the measurement principle and method.

1. The normal working environment of the instrument (higher than 16℃). Generally, the bayonet is set outside.

In order to make the gun sensitive and accurate, the media reported that the bayonet workers used the body to warm the gun. In addition to this method, you can also choose to wear a "thermal clothing" to the forehead temperature gun to improve the efficiency of temperature measurement.

2. Some thermometers have two functions: surface temperature and body temperature. You can't make a mistake when choosing the mode.

3. Avoid strenuous exercise, eating or drinking cold or hot water 20-30 minutes before your temperature is measured. Do not apply cold or hot compresses.

In unusual period, in the entrance such as supermarket, office building with high speed and more people, it may not be possible to keep the temperature in a stable room temperature for at least 30 minutes before use.

After repeated tests, the staff of the medical engineering department of ningbo first hospital developed a tip for measuring the forehead thermometer. Please expose part of the skin of the wrist that is covered by clothes and not exposed to the air (left or right), and measure it at a distance of 6-8 cm from the wrist, so that the temperature measured is closer to the real temperature of the human body.

4. Regularly go to the legal metrology technical institution for calibration. If the calibration finds that the data error of the measuring instrument is large, the measuring repeatability is poor, and the performance is unstable, it is suggested to stop using it.

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