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Boya BY25Q32BSSIG SPI Nor Flash and Winbond W25Q32FVSSIG replace each other


BOYA and WINBOND focus on storage products. SPI Nor Flash has been applied to customers in batches. So far, customers have used it and shipped more than 1 billion units. The quality is stable and reliable, and customer satisfaction is excellent. Products are widely used in various embedded systems, including consumer electronics, digital products, PCs, network communications, etc. The performance parameters of the two brands are fully compatible with each other.


This article discusses the feasibility of mutual substitution between Boya Technology’s SPI Nor Flash BY25Q32BSSIG and Winbond’s SPI Nor Flash W25Q32FVSSIG. The parameter comparison between BY25Q32BSSIG and W25Q32FVSSIG is shown in the following table:


Table 1 Comparison of BY25Q32BSSIG and W25Q32FVSSIG parameters

From the table above,

1. BY25Q32BSSIG and W25Q32FVSSIG memory, operating voltage, operating temperature, low power consumption and packaging parameters are basically the same;

2. Compared with W25Q32FVSSIG, BY25Q32BSSIG has a slightly higher frequency.

  Comparison of BY25Q32BSSIG and W25Q32FVSSIG pin distribution:


          Figure 1 W25Q32FVSSIG pin distribution


          Figure 2 BY25Q32BVSSIG pin distribution

The pin definition comparison of BY25Q32BSSIG and W25Q32FVSSIG is as follows:

Table 1 BY25Q32BSSIG pin definition


Table 2 W25Q32FVSSIG pin definition


It can be seen from the above that BY25Q32BSSIG and W25Q32FVSSIG have the same package, pin distribution, and pin definition. (Winbond W25Q32FVSSIG is the old version, the new version is W25Q32JVSSIG)

In summary, Boya Technology’s SPI Nor Flash BY25Q32BSSIG can be replaced with Winbond’s SPI Nor Flash W25Q32FVSSIG.

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