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Beijing Ingenic T31, T40 introduction, XBurst as the core, the development of MPU, MCU, SoC, supporting embedded equipment


Beijing Ingenic develops MPU, MCU, SoC and supporting embedded equipment with XBurst as the core of our self-innovated embedded CPU.

Core technologies: independent innovation of embedded CPU (chip performance optimization and cost control benefit from this), video codec, image signal processing, neural network processor, AI algorithm.

Product lines: two product lines of microprocessor chip and intelligent video chip.
Application Fields: As mentioned above, microprocessors are versatile and can be used in many fields, such as biometrics, QR code recognition, business devices, smart home, smart wearables and other IoT related fields.

The intelligent video product line is T series, which is used in security monitoring, intelligent doorbell, intelligent door lock, face recognition equipment and other fields.
Smart video chip T series: for civil and industrial security surveillance products and the pan-video market.
Beijing Ingenic's smart video chips are a fast-growing business because Hi-chip cannot be manufactured.

Beijing Ingenic is a major supplier of consumer network monitoring IPC. At present, it has entered the security industry strongly. In the third quarter of 2020, video accounts for more than 60% of Ingenic's original business.
The company actively plans to enter the high-end IPC chip market, intelligent video field has gradually formed a echelon of product distribution. The company launched T10 series of intelligent video chips at the end of 2015, and gradually introduced T20, T30, T21, T31, T01, T02 and other high-performance, low-power chips. Among them, T10, T20 and T30 are IPC chips, including CPU+ISP+VPU and other peripheral modules. T01 and T02 are AI chips. T01 is a shallow learning chip, which needs to be used with IPC chips. T02 is a deep learning chip, which respectively meets different market demands of high, medium and low end.

Ingenic T31:

Beijing Ingenic T31X, T31X support the mainstream H.265 (the first standard is 264, the second generation is 265, the new is 266, but few products have been released), has super CPU computing performance, professional imaging capability, coding quality, rich differentiation expansion, cost control and low power gene, with integrated rich AI function algorithm, Making the T31X the industry's video processor.
Many domestic and foreign technology camera manufacturers have chosen to carry Ingenic T31X series on their main products. T31 uses RISC V independent small core, indicating that you are making a breakthrough on RISC.


Ingenic T40:

22 nm process, mainly for the smart video market.

The chip can meet the increasing demand for AI processing power in the field of intelligent video, and has a good cost performance advantage. Beijing Ingenic will take this advantage to enter the professional security field strongly, and become a big growth point of profit in 2021. We are Ingenic Authorizaed agent, please contact us for more details.

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