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Announcement of the state medical products administration of the general administration of customs of the ministry of commerce on the orderly export of medical materials


At present, the global epidemic is spreading rapidly. On the basis of good epidemic prevention and control, orderly export of medical materials is an important measure to deepen international cooperation on epidemic prevention and control and jointly tackle the global public health crisis. In epidemic prevention and control of special period, to effectively support the global fight against the disease, to ensure product quality and safety, standardize the order of export, since April 1, the export will be coronavirus detection reagent, surgical masks, medical protective clothing, breathing machine, infrared thermometer enterprise declare to the customs, shall provide a written or electronic statement (see appendix 1). Commitment to export products have made our country medical equipment product registration certificate (see attachment 2) relevant registration information, as to meet the requirements of the quality standards of importing countries (regions). The customs shall release the medical device product registration certificate approved by the pharmaceutical supervisory and administrative department. The above-mentioned quality control measures for the export of medical materials will be adjusted dynamically according to the development of the epidemic situation.

Relevant exporting enterprises of medical materials should ensure the quality and safety of their products, meet relevant standards and requirements, and actively support the international community in fighting against the epidemic.


1. Declaration template of export medical materials

2. Registration information of relevant medical device products in China (updated dynamically on the website of sfda

National drug administration, general administration of customs, ministry of commerce

March 31, 2020

Our company has responded positively to the new policy, prepared complete certificates and documents, and made efforts to cooperate with the export declaration. Therefore, the business of disposable masks and infrared forehead thermometer of our company has not been affected. We welcome more customers to make inquiries and cooperate with us.

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