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Analysis and solutions of problems in the process of LED backlight test


Share the problems and solutions in the LED backlight test process:

       1. The brightness is not enough and the color is relatively light. Analysis: The customer’s original emerald green (high-brightness LED light), the thickness of the open-molded light guide plate is only 1.4MM.

          Solution: Choose emerald green LED lights that are close to the customer's high brightness. Change the silk-screened light guide plate to an open mold. The silk-screened light guide plate has dense dots, and the light transmission and light guide effect is not as good as the mold. Two methods can increase the brightness of the lamp.

      2. Light leakage (light leakage eye) analysis: The shading area is not enough reserved, only 3mm. The general situation is 5-8MM, and the lamp holder of the plug-in lamp is relatively large, so the most suitable shading area is 8MM.

            Solution: When the project produces renderings, communicate with the customer. According to the customer's product structure, if the customer's product structure is limited, the drawing will mark the light leakage here.

      3. Conductivity Analysis: In the process of assembling the LCD module, the LED backlight will be placed on the PCBA circuit board. If the two contact, poor contact will occur and cause a short circuit.

   Solution: The patch lamp on the toothpick board of the LED backlight does not require soldering, and can be fixed with glue to play the role of insulation. Another important thing to note is that the edging film around the light guide plate must not contain any conductive metal materials. Change to ordinary vinyl according to the customer's sample to play the role of insulation


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