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AIROHA AB1532 chip bluetooth 5.0 true wireless ear-to-ear solution


Airoha is a flexible, powerful and highly integrated wireless audio solution. It is also a bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode roda AB1532 chip bluetooth solution。

It supports TWS real wireless bluetooth audio transmission, strong audio transmission performance can bring clear voice, sound quality three-dimensional sense, shock.

High-performance bluetooth can also provide higher music quality for music playback applications, the effect is ethereal and hierarchical; Built-in echo cancellation and uplink noise reduction function, coupled with the newly added wind noise reduction algorithm, can enhance voice call experience.

By browsing the parameters of Airoha AB1532 in detail, it has a built-in Tensilica HiFi EP processor, embedded 16Mb flash memory, support for iOS and Android apps, built-in capacitive touch controller, and integrated lithium battery charging controller.

The audio decoder supports decoding of 24bit 96KHz sampling rate, supports noise reduction and echo cancellation functions, with multi-segment EQ adjustment. In terms of wireless connection, it supports packet loss compensation technology, new generation TWS true wireless technology, and AiroThru ambient sound monitoring technology.



   Tensilica HiFi EP processor

   Embedded 16Mb flash

   Support iOS and Android APP

   Capacitive touch sensor controller with power control modes

   Integrated Li-ion battery charger supports over-discharging protection

   Integrated 1.35V/1.8V Buck and 3V/1.2V LDO regulator


   SPI, UART, I2C, I2S, USB Device, SDIO, AMIC and DMIC

Bluetooth and AudioBluetooth 5.0 dual mode, including low energy profiles

   A2DP profile version 1.3 compliant

   HFP profile version 1.7 compliant

   HSP profile version 1.2 compliant

   AVRCP profile version 1.6 compliant

   SPP profile version 1.2 compliant

   24-bit 96KHz HD Audio

   Noise reduction and echo cancellation

   Multiband Programmable EQ and Dynamic Range Control

   Packet loss concealment

   Wideband speech, wideband voice prompt and customized voice prompt

   Ambient sound


   TWS headsets


   5.5mm x 5.5mm 76-ball BGA package

In terms of bluetooth audio, it supports bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode and bluetooth low-power mode with power consumption as low as 8mA, and supports A2DP, HFP, AVRCP, SPP and other functions.

AIROHA AB1532 features a new generation of TWS functions. The dual-ear direct connection can reduce the demand for audio bandwidth, and the power consumption is as low as 8mA, which is suitable for the new generation of high quality TWS true wireless bluetooth headset. According to Airoha, the new connection, called MCSync, is more stable, reduces staccato skipping, supports high resolution audio stream, low latency, and more balanced power consumption for both ears。

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