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AIoT era of security changes, opportunities in the second half


Several stages of security development:

China's security system began to develop in the 1980s. In the past 40 years, the development of security system has gone through three stages:

Simulation era: before 2010, the security industry was dominated by analog products: analog camera, acquisition card, DVR;

Digital era: after 2010, the security industry is dominated by digital products: IPC, NVR, concept of platform;

AIoT era: after 2017, it will focus on various intelligent products, artificial intelligence and computer vision. Take CCTV for example, the development process is from "visible" to "see clearly" to "see clearly".

The security industry has been developing in China for 40 years, and although it is still growing at a high rate every year, many people in the industry believe that the security industry is too "earthen" or too traditional.

Manufacturing, distribution channels, engineering projects, the whole industrial chain is very traditional play, therefore, "change" is the general trend of the industry in recent years.

So, what's changed? Weaken the concept of security.

Many established companies that have been struggling in the security industry for many years have adjusted their positioning. Take leading enterprises as an example. Haikang is a video-centric intelligent Internet of things solution and big data service provider, while dahua is a video-centric intelligent Internet of things solution provider and operation service provider. Huawei security also changed its name to "machine vision" some time ago, which is a concept with a wider coverage than security.

The change we see is certainly not just a change in a brand name, a change in a company's positioning.

In fact, I think, after all, or the change of the industry affects the positioning of the enterprise, often hear a word called "security boundary is changing", which things in the end security is changing? I think the change of security industry can be analyzed from four dimensions.

The need for security is changing.

We have divided some subsystems for the traditional security industry, such as video surveillance, burglar alarm, building intercom, one card and so on.

But now, when you ask companies what they do, they say smart cities, smart communities, smart buildings, smart data platforms, and that's what security needs are changing.

Previously, the security industry used one or more product combinations to solve the requirements of the system, but now it is more likely to use one or more system integration to solve the requirements of the scenario.

The changes in this process are:

From combination to integration. Combination is a simple link of products. The typical system architecture is "front-end -- transmission -- back-end", while integration is the docking between systems, which emphasizes the fusion and sharing of data.

From the system to the scene service. Security used to address systemic needs, like a surveillance guard, an access control person. Now is to solve the needs of the scene, to consider a city, a community, a building overall intelligent collaboration.

The positioning of security is changing.

Is security an industry? The answer is yes. But with the development of AIoT, security is now more like a business within AIoT.

AIoT integrates AI technology and IoT technology to generate and collect massive data and store them in the cloud and edge of the Internet of things, and then realize the datalization and intellectualization of everything through big data analysis and higher forms of artificial intelligence.

Internet of things technology and artificial intelligence pursue an intelligent ecological system. In addition to continuous innovation in technology, the implementation and application of technology are the core issues that need to be broken through urgently.

Security in the whole AIoT landing is relatively fast, so the future AIoT is the industry, security is the service of AIoT business.

Security techniques are changing.

We have worked in the security industry for several years, from the application layer of technology to the chip layer of technology have contact, during this period I think the technology change cycle of the industry is too long, a few typical technological change, codec upgrade (mjpeg-mpeg-h.264-h.265), transmission upgrade (analog-digital), resolution upgrade (CIF d1-720p-1080p-5m-4k).

Now, with the integration of AIoT, the pace of technological change in security industry is obviously accelerated, and the changes brought to the industry are more obvious. Security is no longer just encoding and decoding, single-chip microcomputer, die revolution times, matter fusion, digital twins, data... More and more concepts need to be understood and digested.

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