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About LCD TV backlight


As is well known, the liquid crystal panel itself cannot emit light, and a TV backlight is required as a light source. The LCD is like a small window that controls the opening and closing of light, and then turns the light into red, green and blue through the filter color to form a TV screen. In the early days, there was a three-primary RGB backlight, but the cost was high, and it has now disappeared. At present, the LCD TV backlights on the market are all white (the quantum dot TV is relatively special, and it is also the three primary colors self-illuminating). However, the white LED is excited by blue light, and the color is not absolutely pure, and it tends to be yellowish. This is one of the reasons why enthusiasts often say that the color gamut of LCD TV is poor.

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In addition to affecting color, the biggest original sin of LCD TV backlights is contrast. The self-illuminating display medium will be directly extinguished when it is black, and it is "pure black", and the LCD TV will never show true black due to the presence of the backlight, so the contrast is the weakness of the LCD TV.

Another convenience for LCD TVs is that they are leaking light. The so-called "LCD" TV, which was often mentioned in the previous shopping guide, is actually called CCFL TV. It uses fluorescent lamps as the backlight. The backlight is relatively uniform, but its large size is its weakness. It was later replaced by the current mainstream LED backlight. The LED is also a light-emitting diode, and is also divided into two forms as a backlight, a direct type and a side-in type. Explicitly explained, the direct type is that one LED is evenly distributed on the TV back panel, and the side-in type is a row of LED lights placed on the edge of the TV. It is conceivable that the direct-lit backlight will be more uniform, but at the same time it is not as thin and light as the side-in type. As TVs increasingly focus on design, side-lit backlights have gradually become the majority.

However, the ultra-thin appearance of the side-entry TV is very pleasing, but the side-in backlight is reflected by the light guide plate to reflect the LED backlight on the edge of the TV to the back of the TV, so it is particularly prone to light leakage. It can be said that the light leakage is only a degree to the side-entry TV, and cannot be absolutely avoided. However, as the direct-type TVs on the market are becoming less and less common, consumers who are extremely sensitive to light leakage have to carefully select the TV when they purchase them.

However, TV manufacturers will not sit still. For the problem of poor contrast of LCD TVs, they have developed various techniques to control backlighting and darkness, which has enhanced the contrast performance of TVs to some extent.

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