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24 Inch Smart Tv Ckd Skd Kits Hotel Home LED LCD Smart Network TV


The original frame color of 24 Inch Smart Tv Ckd Skd Kits restores the true nature and adopts A+ level display screen, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of picture quality;

Multi-interface and multi-function, rich interface, unlimited creativity, provide many interfaces, always find what you need: mobile phone voice remote control, built-in WiFi Internet access, energy saving and power saving, mobile phone projection support wireless projection, HDMI, coaxial output, VGA, USB2 .0, network interface, AV input, wireless access, audio input/output;


The built-in WiFi of 24 Inch Smart Tv Ckd Skd Kits can be connected to a wireless network or plug in a network cable. The online version of the TV also has ordinary TV functions. Mass applications can be connected to mobile phones to operate, watch video blockbusters online, live TV programs, etc.; USB/HDMI/ AV/RF/LAN/WIFI;

Can be wall-mounted, can be placed, you can choose the way the TV is placed according to the space, the TV can be placed on the TV cabinet, or the TV can be directly hung on the wall;


Wireless projection screen Cast photos, videos, and mobile games to the TV. With simple operations, you can wirelessly project the pictures, videos, and games on the mobile phone Pad or computer to the TV, so that the ultra-clear screen can give you better Visual experience;

Special price processing factory directly supplies high-definition 24 Inch Smart Tv Ckd Skd Kits for export, focusing on 12 years of CKD SKD smart led lcd tv strength solutions provider, welcome to consult, there are more LED TV Backlight product introduction "Factory OEM ODM 24inch smart TV CKD SKD Kits OD30 DLED backlight solution" "Manufactory 43inch LED television smart TV CKD SKD kits OEM ODM design"

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