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1T 8051 MCU N76E616AL48 driven by Nuvoton LCD


The high-performance 1T 8051 single-chip microcomputer product line has launched the built-in LCD driver 1T 8051 single-chip ── N76E616AL48. This microcontroller has many advantages, including Nuvoton's unique wide operating voltage range (2.4V~5.5V), operating temperature exceeding industry standards (-40°C~105°C), and high resistance to 4KV EFT / 8KV HBM ESD Noise specifications. The built-in LCD driver can greatly save external components and reduce the size of the circuit board. The single-byte/single-cycle computing execution capability of 1T 8051 MCU can significantly improve overall performance and reduce power consumption. At the same time, the built-in ICE circuit simplifies the client's development and debugging process. These features make the N76E616AL48 particularly suitable for small LCD home appliances that require light, thin and beautiful, and home appliances with LCD screens such as rice cookers, water heaters, and air purifiers.

  In addition to high reliability, the design flexibility of N76E616AL48 has been well received by the industry. It is equipped with 18 KB of large-capacity flash memory, leading the industry's 16KB standard for products of the same level, providing engineers with more room for creativity and writing instructions; Multiple communication interfaces, including two sets of UART and one set of I²C interfaces, two sets of UARTs give engineers the best development experience, one set for external equipment, the other set as a debugging interface; 4 channels can be adjusted separately ( Frequency) and duty cycle (Duty) PWM modules enable greater design flexibility and a wide range of applications. Different from most products in the industry, multiple PWM modules can only provide the same frequency. In addition, 3/4 COM x 32 SEG or 6 COM x 30 SEG LCD points can be selected. The LCD pin can also be used as an I/O pin. The LQPF48 package can provide up to 46 I/O pins.

  Nuvoton N76E616AL48 not only has amazing design flexibility, but also the performance of LCD driver display clarity is satisfying customers. The built-in LCD driver of N76E616AL48 can provide 3 COM or 4 COM options. VLCD voltage driver can be flexible according to design requirements. The body is adjusted to 4.5V or 5V to make the LCD screen display clearer, suitable for use in terminal products that pursue high quality.

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