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Beijing Ingenics adds X2000 multi-core heterogeneous cross-border processor and Halley5 development platform

August 26, 2020

As an agent of Ingenics, the editor will introduce Ingenics' new X2000multi-core heterogeneous cross-border processor and Halley5 development platform. Beijing Junzheng has the world's leading embedded CPU technology and low power consumption technology. In view of the characteristics of mobile products, Beijing Junzheng creatively introduced a unique microprocessor technology; at the same time, it launched a series of industry-leading chips and solutions for the smart device market. The X2000 series processor and the Halley5 development platform based on the processor's fine polishing are the best choice for the smart device market.

First of all, X2000/X2000E multi-core heterogeneous cross-border processors are mainly oriented to the five major fields of smart audio, image recognition, smart home appliances, smart home, and smart office. The CPU adopts a three-core structure, equipped with dual XBurst®2, clocked at 1.2GHz, and the third cross-border core XBurst®0 (240MHz), oriented to the field of security management and real-time control. The resolution of the equipped H.264 encoder reaches 1080P@30fps. At the same time, X2000/X2000E also built-in LPDDR2/3 (X2000: 128MB, X2000E: 256MB), with real-time synchronization of dual-camera Mipi interface + dual ISP and rich peripheral interface functions.

 On the Halley5 development platform based on X2000/X2000E multi-core heterogeneous cross-border processors, Beijing Junzheng adopts a core module that can be supplied in batches, and the module adopts a stamp hole design. The hardware of the Halley5 development platform is completely open source. The hardware design schematic diagram, PCB diagram, BOM table, operating system (Linux4.4), and driver software can all be directly used by customers. At the same time, the Halley5 development platform also has stronger interconnection capabilities, with Gigabit Ethernet (compliant with IEEE1588-2002), SPI, UART, PWM, ADC and other general digital interfaces; it provides more powerful high-quality multimedia capabilities, and VPU provides H. 264 encoding and decoding capabilities; dual ISPs provide dual-camera synchronization, and a third camera access capability; integrated digital/analog audio interface and audio processor.

In the new stage of the Internet of Things and smart life, there is an increasing demand for processors in areas such as security and biometrics.

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