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Beijing Ingenic Zeratul- Battery Video Application Solution Platform

October 14, 2020

Recently, Ingenics launched a new video doorbell made by T30 chip. 360 video doorbell adopts Beijing Ingenic Zeratul-battery video application solution platform. The platform is based on the Ingenic Smart Video T30 chip, which supports Smart H.265/H.264 encoding engine, full real-time performance; supports high-definition resolution, supports 5M/4M/3M/2M/1M at the same time, and supports microphone arrays. Activate audio and video combined applications, built-in vector acceleration engine, support end-level light AI applications, etc.

It is reported that Beijing Ingenic  Zeratul covers two types of product forms, single product and suit. With WiFi continuous online, ultra-low power standby, remote viewing at any time, etc., it can be pure battery life for more than 6 months.

The outer packaging of the 360 video doorbell D819 is in a small and fresh style with green lettering on a white background, with a rendering of the product on the front. There is a special reminder in the upper right corner that this is an intelligent product with both doorbell and cat eye functions, and the product positioning is clear. There is an anti-dismantling sensor inside the doorbell. If you do not turn off the forcible dismantling alarm in the APP, a loud alarm will sound if the doorbell is removed to scare away the forcible. The upper part of the fuselage is a camera and sensor, with 2.1 million pixels, 162 degrees super wide-angle shooting, the built-in infrared sensor provides night vision function, and the human sensor below can carry out 24-hour dynamic perception in front of the door.

It is the T30 smart video chip of Ingenics that creates more smart and convenient products, making our life more and more intelligent, and we can see the movement outside without going out.

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