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Applications in Consumer electronics 1

October 18, 2019

"Consumer electronics" refers to the electronic products designed around consumer applications, which are closely related to life, work and entertainment, and ultimately realize the purpose of consumers' free choice of information and enjoyment of entertainment.Consumer electronics focuses on electronic products purchased and consumed by individuals.

In the face of multi-channel and multi-form information, people have higher and higher requirements on information integration and adjustment at any time. Consumer electronics will undoubtedly subtly change people's life.At present, the consumer electronics industry continues to grow every year, involving more and more product areas and industries.The abundant new products of consumer electronics are showing the new concept of "digital life" to consumers from all angles, which brings refreshing and comprehensive enjoyment to people.

In 2004, three hot spots emerged in the development of consumer electronics with video, mobile and wireless technology as the core.The first is the constant emergence of new video technologies that display information from broadcast, satellite, cable, Internet, digital cameras and camcorders, and even telephones.Second, the mobility of home information content, from the living room to the interior of the car, between different locations.The third is the rapid spread of wireless technology.This shows that the convergence of consumer electronics and IT products is accelerating.

From the perspective of market, China is the world's largest manufacturer of consumer electronics and the world's second largest consumer electronics market.The vitality of China's economy and its vast market hinterland provide broad opportunities for the further development of China's consumer electronics industry.According to a report released by the earth policy institute, it is only a matter of time before China replaces the United States as the world's top consumer electronics market.

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