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H.265 Wireless WiFi Kit

/8CH CCTV camera system waterproof wifi nvr kit camera wireless wifi ip camera nvr kit

8CH CCTV camera system waterproof wifi nvr kit camera wireless wifi ip camera nvr kit

Through cloud service, it is easy to realize various network penetration and remote monitoring in one step, thus abandoning various complex network settings, which is simple and convenient

Built-in wireless Wi-Fi routing module with high performance and stability, supports 802.11b/g/n protocol, 300 Mbps bandwidth, easily realizes 4-way 1080P image delay-free wireless access function

The network camera is automatically accessed through wireless technology, without network wiring, and the installation of the project is convenient and simple

  • Product Details

Product Features:

*Internet penetration and remote monitor can be achieved easily by cloud service.

*Built in WiFi router, support 802.11b/g/n protocol, 300Mbps bandwidth ensures 4ch & 8ch 1.3MP wireless input with out time delay for real time performance.

*IPC auto connecting with wireless technology, no need for cable arrangement.

*Plug and play, code matching finished in factory, Picture shows automatically when power on.

*P2P function for smart phone.

*Support view, record, playback and backup.

*Support web viewing.

*2 USB interface, backup and update based on mouse operation.

*Support 2.0MP HDMI & VGA output simultaneously.

*Support DHCP/ PPPOE/ DNS/ NTP/ UPNP /IP search.

*WEB search, SDK package ensures interconnecting easily.

*Watchdog function, with stable circuit protection.

Product Specifications:


Main Processor



Operation System

Embedded LINUX

System Resource

support multi-channel recording, playback, multi-user 
network operation and USB backup


Operation Interface

24 bit true color graphical operation interface, support 
mouse operation

Picture Display

4/ 1

9/ 4/ 1

Picture Decoding

BaseLine Profile  / Main Profile / High Profile

Playback Quality


Video Input

4ch 1.3MP & 1.0MP

8ch 1.3MP & 1.0MP

Motion Detection



Recording Type

Manual, Timing, Motion detection, Alarm


4ch (1ch 1.3MP max. and 4ch 960H max.)

4ch (4ch 1.3MP max.)

Recorder Check

Time/date/issue/channel search

Backup Type

USB, removable hard disk


Video Output

1ch VGA,1 ch HDMI


1*RJ45 10M/100M auto adjustable

USB Interface

2*USB 2.0


1 (Max.4T)


2 (150Mbps)


Power Supply

DC 12V 2A


≤1KG(SATA not include)

Working Humidity


Working Temperature




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