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/2022 Indasina Hundred Regiments Launch Conference

2022 Indasina Hundred Regiments Launch Conference

August 31, 2022

The company's internal PK competition has lasted for 3 years. The kick-off meeting has begun. With the increase of personnel, last year we only had department and department PK, and individual PK. This year, we have to increase group and group PK. The department will be divided into 2 groups to PK with other departments. Interesting activities also increase the difficulty. The loser's bet amount is increased. It is not as simple as having a meal. This amount can be eaten for half a month, exciting! ! !


The whole activity is not only challenged by business colleagues, but also the finance department, personnel department, and operation department. Choose the team you like to join the weal and woe, share the fines and share the bonus, I hope the team I choose can win, hahaha! This time, the R&D Department and the Purchasing Department also entered the performance appraisal competition together, which made the colleagues in these two departments feel nervous and excited for the first time.

This year's theme Hundred Regiments Battle Kickoff Meeting was held outdoors. Since many new-faced employees were added, we had to get to know our opponents before each other. So in the morning team building activities, we played various interesting activities together regardless of each other. In the afternoon When discussing and choosing the opponents and team department opponents that they want to challenge, it is really a day of falling in love and killing each other.

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