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/2021 Indasina internal PK competition successfully concluded

2021 Indasina internal PK competition successfully concluded

October 19, 2021

After a fierce PK friendly match in September, October ushered in a moment of fruitful results. Whenever the host reported amazing data, everyone cheers, it was a breakthrough, a new high, and the result of our hard work.

It is wonderful to have you, Indasina colleagues; no matter the business colleagues standing in the forward or the logistics colleagues working silently, each of us has gathered together to struggle.




With countless red envelopes, just look at the smiles of our colleagues.


Colleague's evaluation: We have a boss who cares about employees, not only at work, but also in the lives and mentality of employees, which is very warm.


There is also a small surprise. I will gather the birthday stars for birthdays in October.


Although the September PK competition is over, there are more monthly challenges. We will continue to carry forward the spirit of September and the spirit of not giving up. Just like our colleagues said: Break through yourself, communicate with customers sincerely, and be trusted by customers , I never thought I would be able to receive a large order in the early morning of September 30. There are more Indasina company dynamic sharing "Indasina sponsors and supports the "2021 International AIOT Ecological Development Conference"" "Indasina Group internal business PK competition in September is starting"

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