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Indasina Group was founded in June 1, 2015, the company is committed to manufacturing in India market. We create a strong sales team and unique customer service system in India, to create. Our group is currently focused on the rapid development of India's four largest area - television, mobile phone and security and other consumer electronic products (such as set-top boxes, UPS etc.) and respectively established products division and the India customer service system.
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Chinas plan for artificial intelligence (AI) development, issued by the State Council Thursday, is a major step for carrying out the innovation-driven development strategy and making the country a global leader in science and technology, sai...
The Belt and Road (the Belt and Road Initiative, or B&R) research project was jointly initiated by ACCA and Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE). In 2013 Chinese President Xi Jinping started an ambitious initiative to develop the ancient silk ro...
According to Sigmaintell’s statistics, thanks to an expanding production capacity and an improvement of yield in 2017, the shipment number of OLED TV display panels is expected to be 1.6 million around the world, with 0.6% permeability....
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